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Is Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan Good?



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Is Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan Good?

Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan is a very good fan and it ranks as one of the best rechargeable fan for use during summer. Kamisafe rechargeable fan is marked as a way to keep you cool in hot weather.

Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan

The fan has two speeds and is powered by a USB cable. The manufacturer claims that the fan can last for up to six hours on a full charge. The latest reviews from customers who already bought this rechargeable fan confirmed this claim.

Again, having used this rechargeable fan myself, I confirm the claim too.

However, there are some necessary information you need to have about Kamisafe rechargeable fan. We provided most these information below.

Is Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan Worth Buying?

Yes, Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan is worth buying. Not only because it is a good rechargeable fan, rather there are other reasons wh Kamisafe rechargeable fan is worth buying:

First, Kamisafe rechargeable fan can be used as an air conditioner in the summer. However, it can also be used to keep your home warm or hot in the winter by using a heat mode. The fan comes with three modes: heat, air circulation and auto.

In heat mode, the fan is used to keep your home warm and emitting hot air. In air circulation mode, the fan is used to keep the cool by sucking hot air out of the room. In auto mode, the fan will automatically switch between heat and air circulation modes depending on the temperature of your room.


The Kamisafe rechargeable fan comes with a simple remote control. You can use it to turn on and off the fan or change its speed.

It also has a timer that allows you to set the fan to automatically turn on at a certain time of day. The fan is extremely quiet and operates quietly at a maximum speed. It is also energy efficient, using only 0.3W of power for each revolution of the blades.

Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan



QUALITIES: Strong and durable

How Good is Kamisafe Rechargeable fan?

Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan is a very good rechargeable fan. It is one of the best rechargeable fan you will find in the market. It has high level performance with great quality. It is durable and reliable. Hence, it has long-lasting battery. Therefore, Kamisafe rechargeable fan can make a best choice of a good rechargeable fan for you.

Pros of Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan

The features which make Kamisafe rechargeable fan good are cited in this section of this post.

  • It is small and light weight so it can be taken anywhere.
  • It has two speed settings, high and low.
  • It has a built in rechargeable battery.
  • Able to run for up to six hours on a full charge.
  • The fan can be charged with a USB cord or an AC adapter.
  • It is also quiet, which is great for using while you sleep.
  • The Kamisafe rechargeable fan has a nice design.
  • It is made of plastic and has a nice silver color, which looks fancy.

I would recommend this fan to anyone who wants a good portable fan that can be taken anywhere. I would also recommend it for people who want a quiet fan, but don’t want to buy a new one every year.

How long does Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan last?

The Kamisafe rechargeable fan after full charge, at high speed can work up to 3.5 hours, at medium speed, up to 5 hours, and at low speed, up to 6.5 hours.


However, the kind or size of Kamisafe rechargeable fan you bought will also decide how long it will last after full charge.

The big ones with big batteries will surely last longer than the small ones with small batteries.

Where to can I buy Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan?

Kamisafe rechargeable fan is available in many online shops and physical shops. However, the best and reliable place you can buy this rechargeable fan is on Jumia Nigeria or Konga.

Kamisafe rechargeable fans are available in these online stores at affordable prices. However, you can enjoy 10% discount if you use Jumia Voucher code when you order this fan on Jumia store.

How do I Charge Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan?

The instruction on how to charge Kamisafe Rechargeable fan is found in the product user manual/guide. However, you can charge your Kamisafe rechargeable fan following the steps below:

First, you get the charger (adapter) and plug it to a wall socket. Then, plug the other end to the rechargeable fan and switch on the wall socket. If there is electric current passing through the wall socket the rechargeable fan will begin to charge.


For small Kamisafe rechargeable fan, you use USB cord to charge it.

NOTE: Do unplug the fan when you see the full-charge indication light.

If your Kamisafe rechargeable fan battery gets bad, your fan has not come to the end of the road. You can always buy a replacement battery for your fan.

Kamisafe Rechargeable Fan



QUALITIES: Strong and durable


In conclusion, the Kamisafe rechargeable fan is a good fan for those looking for an affordable, durable, efficient and reliable fan. The fan is quiet and has a long battery life, making it perfect for use in any room.

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