Jumia Voucher Code Today November 27 2022

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Jumia Voucher Code Today November 27 2022

Jumia Voucher code today
Jumia Voucher code today

What is Jumia Voucher Code?

Jumia voucher code is a simple code consisting of letters or numbers or combination of letter and numbers which can be entered at the checkout of Jumia online store products to claim money off the price of the item(s). Jumia vocher code can last only for a short period of time. But, it is still a very common way of enjoying some discount on any item you want to buy on Jumia.
However, if you need a new and active Jumia voucher code for today, take a look at these current and trending free Jumia voucher codes enlisted below.

Jumia Voucher Code Today November 27 2022

There is Jumia Voucher Code today November 27 2022. And there are other JumiaPay voucher codes for today. Jumia Store operators create voucher codes for customers to appreciate their patronage and to encourage them to keep on patronizing Jumia.

However, there is usually one main Jumia voucher code for customers’ use which gives them 10% discount when they use it to checkout any product on Jumia. Other vouchers code are applicable to JumiaPay when you want to purchase any service or pay any utility bill.

Below is the Jumia Voucher code today November 27 2022:

ServiceDiscount %Voucher Code
All products10% offA-KOLVNOV
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Jumiapay Voucher Code today

There is JumiaPay Voucher Code for today November 27 2022. These voucher codes can be used ONLY by those who buy any of the services or paying their bills using Jumiapay App.

The services you can buy using Jumiapay App include: airtime, internet, GoTV subscription, DSTV subscription, StarTime subscription, Iroko subscription; iTunes, google play gift cards; gaming gift cards, international airtime top-ups; flight bookings, bus bookings, etc.

And the bills you can pay using JumiaPay App include: electricity bill, TV bill, etc. Below are the JumiaPay Voucher codes for today November 27 2022:

ServicesDiscount %Voucher Code
Airtime Top-ups15% offFLASH15
Airtime, TV, Electricity, and Internet10% OffBILL10
Electricity Bills10% offELC10
Internet Subscriptions15% off FLASH15
GoTV, DSTV, StarTimesN50 offTVNGN50
iTunes & Google Play Gift cards2% offVOU2
Gaming Gift card15% offGAM15
International Airtime Top-ups20% offINMOB20
Flight Bookings10% offFLY10
Bus Bookings30% offABC30
Office Home & Student10% offMS10
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Jumia Voucher Code of the day

The Jumia Voucher Code of the day November 27 2022 is A-KOLNOV for Jumia Store and JumiaPay voucher codes are same as they are listed in the table above. This voucher code will secure 10% discount for any customers who uses it to checkout any product on Jumia Store. Note that this Jumia voucher code and the JumiaPay voucher code are valid within 24hours (from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm).

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NOTE: Jumia Voucher Code for each day (most often) can only be used once. But, Voucher Codes for Jumiapay can be used severally. Secondly, these Jumia Voucher codes usually expire at exactly 11:59 pm daily. The earlier you use them, the better!
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