How to Pay with Bank Transfer on Jumia

How to Pay with Bank Transfer on Jumia

Wondering how to pay with bank transfer on Jumia? It is possible and it involves very much easy process beyond what you think. Gone are the days when it is only possible to pay on Jumia with ATM card. It is also possible nowadays to pay with bank transfer on Jumia Online Store. You don’t need to worry, to pay with transfer on Jumia involves very easy process.

In this post, you can learn how to pay with bank transfer on Jumia Online Store by reading the article guide below.

How to Pay with Bank Transfer on Jumia

Paying with bank transfer is an essential feature on Jumia Online Store which every Jumia customer who don’t want to pay with cash or though VISA/Mastercard seek for. The good thing is that nowadays Jumia Online Store is customized in such a way that customers can now pay with bank transfer.

Here in this guide, I will detail the steps involved to pay with bank transfer on Jumia, and this process doesn’t require technical knowledge. Follow the steps below to pay with bank transfer on Jumia.

1. Login to your Jumia Mobile App or Visit Jumia official website

2. Search for the item(s) you want to buy

3. Click on the item to read their detail and reviews

4. Click on the “Add to Cart” button

5. Select the quantity you want to buy

6. Click on the “Cart Basket”

7. Tap on the “Checkout”

8. Select your preferred delivery method

9. Proceed to select a payment method

Here you have to select “Pay with Cards, Bank Transfer or USSD” as your payment method. Then, click “Confirm Payment Method” button.

How to Pay with Bank Transfer on Jumia

9. Choose “Bank Transfer” as the preferred payment method

Here you have to select “Pay with USSD or Bank Transfer” and in the dropdown menu you select “Bank Transfer”. Then, you click on “Pay Now” button.

Choose Bank Transfer as the preferred payment method

10. Make transfer to the Jumia Pay details provided.

Here you will transfer the total amount for the product (in the case of the image below we have NGN 205110 as the total amount). You have to do the transfer to Jumia account number provided below in WEMA bank with the account name “MFY-JUMIAPAY-JUM”.

Jumia Transfer Details

11. Confirm the transfer you made.

You have to take note of the transfer ID and other necessary information that will appear in the alert you will get. The process is now completed.

Does Jumia accept Bank Transfer?

Jumia accepts bank transfer through Jumia Pay transfer or POS machine transfer at the point of delivery. If it is through Jumia Pay transfer, you will have to follow the process explained above. And if it is through POS at the point of delivery, you run normal POS machine transfer.

Can I pay with bank transfer on Jumia?

You can pay with bank transfer on Jumia while checking out any item. It is one of the payments on Jumia Online Store these days. You will always have the choice between bank transfer and card option


I always provide you guides on how to fix some issues and how to carry out some processes on Jumia, and this is one of them too. Following this guide from the beginning you supposed to have learnt majorly how to pay with bank transfer on Jumia. Cheers to that, since I guess I have achieved my aim for writing this post. But, if you still encounter any difficulty after following the guide above, you can drop a comment and I will be glad to help you sort those challenges out. Cheers!

Okorafor Ogochukwu
My name is Okorafor Ogochukwu, the editor-in-chief in JumiaPrice website. I am a tech guru, a passionate blogger, a SEO expert and a trained content creator. Nice to meet you here.

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