Bluetti AC300 Review

When it comes to portable power stations, there are three brands that dominate the market: Bluetti, Odeer, and Nexus. Among these brands, Bluetti has gained recognition for its pioneering use of LiFePo4 battery technology and MPPT solar charge controllers. The Bluetti AC300 is the most sought-after model, although the Bluetti EB70 and Bluetti EB70S also enjoy significant popularity.

However, is the Bluetti AC300 portable power station truly the most cost-effective power station? In order to assist you in making an informed decision, we acquired this portable power station and conducted a series of 5 practical tests. Below is our comprehensive evaluation and final judgment.

Bluetti AC300 image
Bluetti AC300 portable power station (Image credit: Bluetti)

In general, Bluetti AC300 portable power station is the best choice for videographers, photographers, campers, and hikers. It is also perfect for you if you seek to live a completely off-the-grid life or just want to power up your devices at home using the power of the sun.

Having the RV ports makes it ideal for regular RV users or those wanting to go on long road trips away from home and into the wild.

If you want to see how this device does against the Bluetti EB70S specs, we’ve got you covered.

If your gadget collection consists exclusively of devices that demand more than 3,000W 3072Wh, it would be advisable to avoid using this power station. Fortunately, Bluetti has already developed alternative models of their power station such as the Bluetti EP500 and Bluetti EP500 Pro, which are capable of accommodating high-powered appliances.

Continue reading our comprehensive review of the Bluetti AC300 portable power station to discover more about its features and access our extensive hands-on testing data.

Top Rated Bluetti AC300 Portable Power Stations in USA, Canada, UK & Austarlia

Bluetti AC300 portable power station: Features

Videographers, photographers, and hikers will find the Bluetti AC300 portable power station to be an excellent companion. Additionally, it serves as a reliable backup during emergencies or power outages at home or place of work, as well as for outdoor adventures.

It is an excellent option for being prepared in case of a disaster and can also be a valuable asset for camping, RVs, or off-grid living situations. However, it should not be relied upon to provide sufficient power for heavy appliances like large refrigerators, electric irons, fans or heaters.

The Bluetti AC300 power station is designed with portability, reliability, and user-friendliness in mind in same manner as Bluetti EB70 and Bluetti EB70S. It allows you to effortlessly bring it along for outdoor activities or camping without much hassle. The battery ensures long-lasting performance without quickly draining. Moreover, this power station is environmentally friendly, as it produces no air or noise pollution.

The Bluetti AC300 portable power station is so user-friendly that even a complete novice can easily operate it, regardless of their familiarity with power stations or solar panels. Though it is recommended that you read the manual before operating it.

The Bluetti AC300 portable power station stands out due to its remarkable feature – the implementation of LiFePO4 battery technology. Unlike most other brands that utilize Li-ion batteries, this cutting-edge technology offers a far superior lifespan. With such longevity, the AC300 proves to be an incredibly valuable and reliable companion for decades of top-notch performance.

Bluetti AC300: Pros & Cons

thumbs up regular

What the product does well

  • It is is portable, reliable, and user friendly.
  • It is easy to use even to those who have zero experience with power stations or solar panels.
  • It has much longer battery life.
  • It is air and noise pollution free.
  • It can be controlled with Bluetti App.
  • It is affordable.
thumbs down regular

Where the product could improve

  • It doesn’t support very heavy appliances like heavy refrigerators, fans or heaters.
  • It requires the B300 to work.
  • It can be considered heavy.
When comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the Bluetti AC300 portable power station, you can see that its strengths win. One of its greatest strengths is its remarkable longevity, thanks to the incorporation of LiFePO4 battery technology in Bluetti’s portable power stations.In summary, the AC300 is a highly dependable and valuable companion that will deliver top-notch performance for many years to come.
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Is the Bluetti AC300 Portable power station for You?

The suitability of the Bluetti AC300 power station for you is determined by your occupation, lifestyle, profession, and the kind of environment in which you reside. Are there instances at your workplace where you require emergency power supply? Do you reside in an area prone to power outages? Do you partake in outdoor activities that necessitate a reliable power source? Are you involved in professional outdoor endeavors such as videography or photography?

Take into account the questions mentioned earlier. Your response will determine if the Bluetti AC300 portable power station is suitable for your needs. Check out a few of my suggestions below.

Who is the Bluetti AC300 for?

  • If you live in an area that frequently experiences power outages, the Bluetti AC300 portable power station is the ideal solution. It has been proven to offer ample power for three to four days, and in some cases, even up to a week, depending on the devices you connect to it. With this power station, you can illuminate your home, charge your phones and laptops, and enjoy multiple TV sessions without relying on wall outlets or recharging the station.
  • The Bluetti AC300 portable power station is highly recommended for videographers and photographers. It has been found to provide sufficient power for three to four days of continuous shooting, if not longer – possibly even up to a full week. Additionally, it allows you to recharge your flash, camera, and lighting batteries multiple times without the need for wall outlets or recharging the power station.
  • Although the Bluetti EB70S is a viable option, I believe this portable power station would be an exceptional choice for campers. If you plan on vacationing at a holiday camp, this power station will enhance your stay by providing comfort and creating lasting memories. The Bluetti AC300 allows you to effortlessly power your lights, charge various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even a mini refrigerator. You’ll undoubtedly feel right at home and relish every moment of your camping experience.
  • The Bluetti AC300 is an excellent companion for hikers. Whether you take pleasure in leisurely strolls through the countryside or embark on long-distance hikes, this power station will add an exciting element to your journey. It can conveniently charge all your essential devices, from headphones and smartphones to laptops, ensuring you stay connected on the road. With its long-lasting battery, it can sustain you during extended hikes, while its portable and lightweight design ensures minimal disruption to your hiking experience.
  • Fishermen will find the Bluetti AC300 portable power station to be an excellent option. This versatile device can charge your devices, illuminate your tent, and even provide warmth. Its long-lasting battery ensures that you can enjoy extended fishing trips without worrying about power depletion.
  • If you are employed in a medical facility such as a hospital or clinic, this portable power station comes highly recommended. It proves invaluable during unforeseen power outages or emergency situations by providing the necessary energy to operate medical equipment. Additionally, it conveniently charges rechargeable medical devices like the Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter and Portable Breath Alcohol Tester (S80 Breathalyzer).

If you fall into the aforementioned category of individuals requiring Bluetti AC300 or if your occupation necessitates it, you have the option to peruse any of the AC300 power stations provided below.

Who is the Bluetti AC300 not for?

  • If power outages are not a common occurrence in your area, the Bluetti AC300 portable power station may not be a necessity for you. Nevertheless, it could prove to be a valuable asset in your home during times of emergency or disaster.
  • Once again, if your residence or workplace is equipped with extremely heavy electronic devices such as bulky refrigerators, air-conditioners, fans, or heaters, the Bluetti AC300 won’t suffice as it cannot handle those appliances. Instead, consider opting for the Bluetti EP500 or Bluetti EP500 Pro which have a higher power rating.
  • Despite being IP65 splash-resistant, it is not recommended to expose the Bluetti AC300 to rain or snow. Therefore, if you work in wet conditions, this power station may not be suitable for you. To prevent any damage, it is advised to keep it away from moisture and avoid storing it in a humid environment for extended periods of time.

Although the Bluetti AC300 portable power station is highly recommended for videographers, photographers, campers, hikers, fishermen, medical facility employees, and individuals residing in regions prone to power outages; it may not be the ideal option for those who rely on heavy appliances such as large refrigerators, electric irons, air-conditioners, fans or heaters in their homes or offices.

If your household or workplace heavily depends on power-hungry devices, it is crucial to contemplate upgrading to either the Bluetti EP500 or the Bluetti EP500 Pro. These advanced alternatives offer superior support and unparalleled comfort specifically designed for heavy-duty appliances.

Bluetti AC300 Specs

The Bluetti AC300 specifications as they are officially written in Bluetti US official store are presented in the table below.


Capacity3,000W 3072Wh (22.4V, 32Ah)
TypeLiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)‎
Life Cycles2,500+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
Shelf-lifeRecharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months
Management SystemMPPT Controller, BMS, etc.


AC Outlets6 x 120V/20A Outlets
1 x 120V/30A TT-30
3,000W In Total
Inverter TypePure Sine Wave
Surge Power6000W
USB-C Port1 x 100W Max.
USB-A Port2 x 5V/3A USB-A
2 x 18W USB-A
12V DC Outlets1 x 12V/30A (RV Outlet)
1 x 24V/10A (Car Outlet)
*All Regulated.
Wireless Charging Pad2 x 15W Max. (For Each)


AC Charging Cable Input3,000W Max.
Solar Input2,400W Max., VOC 12-150VDC, 12A
Car Input12/24V from Cigarette Lighter Port
Maximum Input5,400W, with AC and Solar Input Simultaneously


AC Adapter (200W)≈6.5-7 hours (AC300+1*B300 combo with a single AC adapter)
Solar (200W)≈15.5-16 hours (AC300+1*B300 combo with solar panels alone)
12V/24V Car Outlet (100W/200W)≈7.5 or 8.0 hours


240V Split Phase BondingYes
App ControlYes, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
ScalabilityExpandable W/Up to 4 x B300
Weight47.6lbs (21.6kg)
Dimensions (LxWxD)20.5 x 12.5 x 14.1in ( 52 x 32 x 35.80cm)
Operating Temperature-4-104℉ (-20-40℃)
Storage Temperature-4-104℉ (-20-40℃)

Bluetti AC300 Design

Out of all the portable power stations I have evaluated, the Bluetti AC300 is notable as a middle-of-the-road choice. Although it does weigh 47.6lbs (21.6kg), which may be considered somewhat heavy, it is not excessively burdensome. Additionally, its dimensions of 20.5 x 12.5 x 14.1in (52 x 32 x 35.80cm) are sufficiently compact and enable convenient transportation due to the inclusion of a generous handle on the sides.

Bluetti AC300 design
Bluetti AC300 portable power station (Image credit: Bluetti)

This review focuses on the matte black edition of the portable power station. However, there are also options available in blue. The matte black shade has a unique quality that makes it stand out from the rest. Interestingly, this matte color serves as a benefit by effectively protecting the power station’s surface from any potential stains. Additionally, this color makes it easy to spot even if it is carelessly tossed into a pile of black bags in the back of a car; there is no chance of missing its presence.

The Bluetti AC300 captures attention with its simple yet functional design and easy portability. On the right side of the station, a power input awaits, enabling you to charge it effortlessly using solar panels, mains power, or even your car battery.

The initial appeal of the Bluetti AC300 lies in its straightforward design and convenient portability. Positioned at the right side of the station, you will find the power input, allowing you to charge it using solar panels, mains power, or even your car battery.

Next in line is the see-through LCD screen located at the top front of the power station. This display shows the battery level, the input power to the panel, and the power used by devices connected to it. Like all other portable power generators, it also comes with a bright LED light that offers abundant non-directional illumination.

In terms of power outlets, there are two types: DC outputs and AC outputs. On the left side, there is a USB Type-C PD rated at 100W, which is sufficient to directly power MacBook Pro (2022) and newer models. Additionally, there are two standard USB outputs (5V, 3A), a carport cigarette lighter port (DC 12V, 10A), and a new type of outlet for this device – a 12V 10A DC (5.5 x 2.1 mm).

Additionally, on the right-hand side of the bank, there are AC sockets available. These sockets adhere to the standard UK type (although they may vary depending on territory) commonly found within households and mounted on walls.

With the exception of the Buetti AC300’s front design, the unit is remarkably simple. The casing is equipped with side vents for effective cooling, accompanied by silent fans that engage when power-intensive devices such as a MacBook Pro and monitor are connected. The back and bottom of the case have a minimalistic appearance. On the sides, you’ll discover a handy grip handle and a wireless charging pad compatible with various devices that support wireless charging.

Bluetti AC300 Performance

During my hands-on test, I found this portable power station to be incredibly necessary, not only for individuals residing in regions prone to power outages but also for videographers and photographers as a convenient spot to keep it during the shoot to maintain its battery life.

The only downside was that everyone else also realized its usefulness, resulting in some competition for the limited charging space. It’s worth mentioning that only one wireless device can be charged at a time.

During a video shoot, I made use of my standard equipment, which consisted of two Rotolight Anova Pro 2 lamps, a Sony FS7 camera, a MacBook Pro (2022), and a BenQ 27-inch 4K monitor as an additional device. While everything was connected to power sources, I observed that the small screen indicated a maximum power consumption of approximately 200 Wh.

This level of energy usage allowed me to operate the equipment for approximately nine hours with some additional time considering the camera’s battery life and power-saving features when using the computer. Overall, I was able to work for about ten hours, excluding breaks and lunch breaks, and still had plenty of power remaining.

The Bluetti AC300 is extremely easy to use. It functions just like connecting to a wall socket, with no complex procedures involved. What I find most convenient is that all the power outlets are conveniently placed on one side of the power station. This design enables effortless connection and disconnection of devices, eliminating the need to navigate around or adjust the battery to reach the desired sockets.

The Bluetti AC300 proved to be a reliable companion throughout the day in my home and office. Its ability to support numerous devices without generating excessive noise, even under increased power consumption, left me pleasantly surprised. Like other portable power stations, it has a limit of 300W for maximum power draw, so using appliances with high energy requirements such as the Dyson air blade will push it to its limits after like four hours. Nevertheless, for home and office purposes, the Bluetti AC300 offers more than enough capabilities just like when used for videography and photography purposes.

Undoubtedly, the power station is only a component of the setup in the review, with the PV350 solar panels comprising the other part.

The solar panel is constructed with four collapsible panels, allowing for a compact arrangement. When expanded, the panel provides two eyelets on one side for convenient attachment to a vehicle, wall, or any suitable surface to optimize sun exposure. On the other hand, the back of the panel is equipped with four Velcro-secured legs that can be folded down to provide support.

After setting up the solar panel, retrieve the cables from the zipped pocket at the back and connect them to the side of the Bluetti AC300. During a sunny day, I discovered that a nearly empty Bluetti AC300 could be fully recharged within 10 hours to eleven hours, depending on the intensity of sunlight. It was crucial to adjust the position of the panels as the sun’s angle changed throughout the day.

When the sky is cloudy, it will take from 48 hours and above, of sunlight to fully replenish an empty battery.

The Bluetti AC300 offers an abundance of power, more than sufficient for a full day of running office activities or household activities at home or shooting. It allows you to connect and use all the necessary devices as you want, including a headphone, smartphone, camera, laptop, and lighting equipment. Notably, it boasts standout features like the wireless charging pad. However, its true appeal lies in its user-friendly design and unwavering reliability.

Despite the matte black color of the review unit, I am also quite fond of the design. The placement of all ports on the front and right-hand side of the case adds to its usability and convenience, particularly when relocating the power station during a shoot.

Ultimately, the Bluetti AC300 is an exceptional power solution for individuals working on small or moderately big productions. With its ample capacity, photographers will discover that it can easily support four day of shooting, if not more. It can also run a home for three to four days. Moreover, at home, you’ll be able to use your fan, light your house, charge your smartphone, laptop, and a lot more.

For videographers, you will be able to recharge your flash, camera, and lighting batteries multiple times without relying on wall outlets or recharging the power station. The Bluetti AC300 capacity is advantageous as it kept batteries charged during numerous shoots. Even when you conveniently left the power station charging in the car, with the panels placed over the window screen.

Solar panels are incredibly efficient and have some of the most impressive designs I’ve encountered. Despite this, it still requires approximately ten to eleven hours under sunny conditions to fully charge. Nevertheless, I discovered that continuously adding to the charge throughout the day proved to be the optimal solution. In fact, during one particular outing, it supplied enough power for the entire day while still leaving me with 75% capacity when I returned home.

The Bluetti AC300 boasts a concealed technological gem – its LiFePO4 battery cell. This alternative surpasses others in terms of safety and longevity, with an impressive lifespan of up to 2500 cycles at 80% capacity. In essence, this means that you can rely on this battery for daily use over a span of ten years.

Round up of best Bluetti AC300 Portable Power Stations


The Bluetti AC300 portable power station is a carefully crafted and thoughtfully designed device that features PV350 solar panels. While its capacity may be considered average among similar power stations, its superior power output far exceeds that of the EcoFlow River. In comparison to the larger and heavier Jackery 1000, I found that the compact and lightweight build of the Bluetti AC300 made it incredibly convenient to transport, especially while navigating through open fields.

The Bluetti AC300 has a lot of features that I love. Firstly, the design is great with all the power outlets placed conveniently on the front and the right side, along with the power input. This arrangement allows for easy and unobstructed plugging in of devices, without covering the power buttons. Additionally, the inclusion of a wireless charging pad on front of the Bluetti AC300 is a brilliant addition that you never knew you needed until you got it.

Furthermore, I am particularly drawn to the PV350 solar panel due to its four velcroed legs, which can make assembly a bit challenging. However, the panels themselves are lightweight and compact, making them highly convenient for transportation. Additionally, these panels showcase exceptional design with strategically placed cables and neatly folding sections that securely fasten for effortless transportation or storage.

The Bluetti AC300 portable power station excels in terms of performance, proving itself as a trustworthy and efficient companion for videographers, photographers, campers, hikers, and those living in areas prone to power outages. While the inclusion of a wireless app and slightly higher capacity would further enhance its capabilities, it flawlessly met my power needs during various photography and video shoots without causing any disruptions or generating noise.

If you’re in search of a portable power source that can be charged with solar panels, the Bluetti AC300 is by far the most impressive portable power station I’ve encountered.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this, feel free to leave them in the comments section below or send me an email at

Frequently Asked Questions about Bluetti AC300

What is Bluetti AC300?

The Bluetti AC300 power station is designed without a built-in battery, requiring the use of at least one B300 Battery Module for operation. The capacity of this portable power station depends on the number of battery modules connected to it.

Is the Bluetti AC300 any good?

The Bluetti AC300 is a top-notch power station that boasts numerous advantages. Additionally, its price point is quite favorable. This device is easily transportable, dependable, and user-friendly. It proves to be particularly beneficial for videographers, photographers, campers, hikers, and individuals residing in regions susceptible to power failures. Furthermore, it serves as an essential resource during emergencies and outdoor pursuits.

Is Bluetti AC300 reliable?

The Bluetti AC300 is a portable power station that can be trusted. Every single person who has purchased and used this power station has given it a five-star rating, which clearly demonstrates its exceptional performance. Speaking from my own experience, I can confidently say that the Bluetti AC300 is highly reliable and never disappoints. However, it is important to be mindful of the number of devices you connect to it simultaneously to avoid draining the battery.

What comes with the Bluetti AC300?

Included in the package of Bluetti AC300 is the Bluetti AC300 power station, PV350 solar panel, 2 B300 modules, 2 Battery expansion cables, an AC charging cable, a Multifunctional DC charging cable, a Car charging cable, 2 Solar charging cables, a User manual, and a 48-month warranty.

What is the capacity of Bluetti AC300?

The capacity of each Bluetti AC300 is determined by the number of B300 Battery Modules connected to it. For example, the Bluetti AC300 with B300 Power Station Combo has a capacity of 3072 Wh, while the Bluetti AC300 with four B300 system has a maximum capacity of 12,228 Wh.

What can Bluetti AC300 power?

The Bluetti AC300 portable power station is equipped with a 3,000W AC inverter, allowing it to provide power for various appliances such as smartphones, laptops, heaters, air-conditioners, circular saws, and other high-power devices. In case the power station has four B300, it is anticipated that it can handle even more powerful appliances.

What is the maximum power of Bluetti AC300?

The Bluetti AC300 has a maximum power of 3,000W and a capacity of 3,072Wh when paired with the B300 Battery Module. By adding four B300 Battery Modules to the Bluetti AC300 system, the maximum power increases to 11,941W and the capacity to 12,228Wh. The maximum power of each Bluetti AC300 system varies based on the number of B300 Battery Modules it has.

How long does it take to charge a Bluetti AC300?

Using solar power, it takes Bluetti AC300 15.5 to 16 hours to get fully charged. While using car port, it takes Bluetti AC300 6.5 to 7 hours to get fully charged. That is for AC300+ B300 combo.

How long does the Bluetti AC300 last?

The lifespan of the Bluetti AC300 portable power station is determined by the quantity of B300 Battery Modules it possesses and the duration of its charging. Nevertheless, once fully charged, the AC300 can endure for two to three days when utilized for household tasks. For videography or photography purposes, it can last from three to six days. Nonetheless, the durability of this power station is also influenced by the wattage rating of the devices connected to it.

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